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If clients come first....

If clients come first, why is Fiserv laying off longtime talent? If you're not being laid off, many are being forced to move to keep their jobs. I sincerely ask this question: if the return to office is due to wanting clients to come first, how will clients benefit when all those who are left are either new (with no one to train them) or have just a few months tenure?

I just recently left about a month ago and I can tell you first hand that entire teams are being destroyed. This is true on the IT/dev side as well as the business side. Client tech support teams were already struggling. The division I came from has recently lost HALF of their seasoned client support techs. Who will train the new people they can't hire as they want them in the office? Look at LinkedIn and you'll see so many openings no one is applying for as they are in a physical location. This boggles my mind.

I feel bad for the employee left but I feel even worse for the clients who will no doubt suffer. Employees can find new jobs but clients under a contract? Yikes. I was a client before I worked at Fiserv and I assure you it took a long time for us to agree on any of our SOWs and general agreements as we wanted a get of of jail card in there. Probably should have been a sign. The bank I worked for is leaving now that their agreement is up. More will follow, no doubt.

I pity the really dedicated workers who will be left holding the bag as the mass exodus continues.

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