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If you can't manage a distanced relationship maybe you should get more innovative. Distance isn't the problem, it's the people.

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Any project manager will tell you that when communication lines fall to the bare minimum and regular exchanges in a non-formal manner - e.g. casual chat - vanish, the project is probably doomed.

Innovation depends on positive conflict, and that's very difficult to achieve remotely. Too easy to get offended, get silent, and stew unnoticed.

The closer your job gets to producing faceless widgets, the more isolation the role can tolerate. But those people aren't pivotal and are facelessly swappable. Cogs.

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This is actually a decently written article.

The expert called out the cause for hybrid work very clearly: “For bosses, it means they retain a sense of control and that they can see their workers in person.."

Egotistical, power tripping insecure managers need to actually SEE people to justify their job as overseer. These types are spread out all the way to the top and their influence is strong.

They're old though.. just waiting them out is also an option.

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