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Who's in charge?

Very quiet from the Tower from the CEO and Presidents. Do they even work here anymore?

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They’re planning for the next great innovation! Disrupting the digital space…or something? They’re obviously not great leaders at the top. There are some great leaders in this company…just not at the top. Is this company going to make as is with the status quo? I just don’t see it.

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This has been posted but check it out...the virtual tour..

Follett's dystopian future. Check out TL's office (9th floor?). Just sad. ALL the bad decisions that senior management made and blamed everyone else for their failures... (fill in the name) YOU OWN IT!

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I'm glad we don't hear from them. What would be the point? We're on our own most of the time anyway. What could they offer? Unless they're gonna come to our store to help with rush, what purpose would hearing from them serve?

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Word on the street from my RM is that they won’t be around for long, thus the silence. CW was on another vacation a few weeks ago to celebrate. When’s the last time we could take a vacation due to his, JH and JH labor cuts? And JH and JH, what do they actually do? Not one aspect of any of their teams have been successful. CW makes up numbers, JH and JH agree and blame us for not hitting them. Then to hit them, they cut us. How about we cut their teams so they actually need to work. I email for help and it’s a flood of out of office messages DURING RUSH.

Another fun fact knowing how much we all get paid, I heard Follett Central costs over $800k a year. PLEASE someone argue with me on how that is a successful communication channel?! That’s about 16 store managers pay!!!

Know what this teaches us females, “cozy up” with the right GVP and everything will be gravy from there and you soon can make big decisions from a Ivory seat.

Get ready for big changes, and we may wish these jokesters were still in charge. I predict many stores will be closing if they are not profitable within a short time. Also, all the old school thinkers will be fired.

The day is here, or right around the corner, mark my words and this post.

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