Thread regarding HP (Hewlett-Packard) layoffs

Is it getting any better?

The last time I visited this forum was more than half a year ago, when I left the company. In the meantime, several more of my close colleagues have left. Nothing seems to be getting better here? I would love to go back just for one day to see what the situation is there now.

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I mean if you ask all the losers and the haters to hang out here then you know the answer you're going to get.

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Well unfortunately you missed an off cycle bonus and an end of year bonus where everyone (and I really do mean everyone) got a bonus of probably 10% or higher and a raise of 5% or more.

Is our company really working hard on "keep innovating"? No not really truthfully. We had a pretty lame presense at CES this year and quite frankly, Lenovo, Dell, and Asus really took the show in the PC area. What did have to offer? Refresh of the same products, oh and I guess a Dragonfly Chromebook... wow, sooooo cool (sarcasm).

The issue with HP is that we don't take risks like our competitors and we have too much money in the bank doing nothing. Lots of people are leaving because quite frankly, we do the same thing every year. There are a lot people here that want us to take risks and be innovative. But either marketing or management shoot down any ideas that anyone has.

HP is a good company but it's not a great company. We get by because of our brand.

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