Thread regarding MetricStream, Inc layoffs

Don't ruin your mental peace

No work life balance. Most of time you need to work for 13-14 hours. Including night out weekend. No one bother you.
Not technology stability. They is no project standard they maintain. They only know revenue.
There is no HR structure, all are decided by partner. No feedback is anonymous internally, everything is getting tracked.
If you have oil machine then you don't need to work just oil senior leadership, partner. Everything is corrupted here upto partner. They don't give value of your knowledge. Toxic work environment, collective groupism at middle and senior management level, unethical comments, favoritism and no growth.
Clients should be very aware because if MetricStream on 99% time fakes expertise and skill set leading to all sort of trouble during implementations.
Bootlicking, favoritism, groupism, fake narratives and appreciations are omnipresent.
Arrogant leadership. no work life balance. you need to work on multiple projects in parallel. your client call can start at 6am in the morning and you may have meeting in 11pm same day as well. if you can work 20 hours a day on regular basis you can join here or else don't give a second thought. you may get multiple threat calls from your stressed boss everyday that they will fire you , give bad rating like that.
No transparency Your managers are trained to get their work out of you at any hour of the day by any means Hypocrites don't follow what they preach. They tell you how you should be responsive but that doesn't apply to them. They can ignore your calls, messages and whatever way you're trying to reach them out. Even the HR are the same. Just puppets in the hands of the Director and Partner. No matter how badly your health and mental health is affected, they will it make all your fault. There is no one who will listen to a entry level person. Why do you employ us? They have destroyed my career, will power, everything.

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