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I am a First Line Manager (FLM) .. so it means .. i am sandwhich between the techs / engineers and my boss who is either a level below the dept head or the dept head itself ..

Ppl think we FLM have it easy ... the recent mkt adjustment , we FLM were not even aware it was going to happen and somehow .. we get to inform the team 24hrs before the information is released to those who have the mkt adjustment.. we dun even know who gotten it and who didnt .. and i was expected to sit down individually and explain the rationale for the mkt adjustment for those who get it and for those who did not .. i have to explain why ..

i didnt get any .. and my boss.. didnt even sit down with me to tell me why ...

techs / engs complain to us .. and what can we do .. we are not god ...

ok enough ranting .. time to go for another meeting at 1pm here in Stonebreak..

i have interviews lined up and a few offers ... will be moving soon .. this place sucks for FLM ..

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We FLM ... are screwed by both lower and upper ... we are ho-s ...

trust me .. and OP is right .. we are left on our own .. and HRs reply is always is when there are no talking pts slides ..response will be "Managers discretion" .. wtf that means??

for those who have FLM .. many times we are in the same boat as you .. when we say we have no clue .. and its really we have no clue .. information we get from the higher ups in the ivory towers .. you will get it in 6-12 hrs after we receive it ..

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Some of you are probably genuine but my FLM decided to be one purely because of job security

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I almost kissed my FLM when they notified me of the adjustment but I was scared because I wasn't sure if he liked me like "more than a friend"..

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Thank you for the post. Many new hires are not aware, first line is just the messenger and sh-t catcher for upper levels.

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I used to be a FLM, and was during the second to last market adjustment, that I know about at least. They used to prepare talking points/FAQ for different "actions" like this, but I don't remember if the one I'm referring to had one.

From experience on your topic

  • all techs talk and know what each other makes
  • full teams rarely get a raise, so this leaves the ones without asking a bunch of questions and feeling left out
  • questions go beyond talking points and FLM is left drinking the koolaid or admitting it's complete BS (was usually the latter for me)

I had about 5 different line managers when I was a FLM. I never was really interested in people management, rather it was the only way up for me. My happiness and success was really tied to them since a lot would filter through them. The HRBP matters too.

Best of luck with your interviews

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