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Don’t let your skills become unmarketable

I know people who have not been able to find a new job for months, for one reason only, and that is because they have stayed here too long. Staying here too long mostly results in your skills losing sharpness. Many will say that it is up to the individual, but I think that this company also has a lot to do with the fact that people's skills are eroding here?

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Prudential sucks. We lost so much 401K growth when GF switched from Fidelity to Prudential. We were never given a reason for the switch.

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Trust me … leave

I left in 2017 and joined a vendor , I am given yearly RSU and bonuses … till now … since u joined , the RSU for accepting the job I received 4 yr ago is now 5x the value .

My total annual comp plus RSUs and Bonuses is close to 45% more than my comp at GF when I left … if I had stayed at GF I doubt my comp at GF will ever be at that Amt I am getting now ….

Medical benefits is so much better than GF , company gives a annual HSA of $2k which can roll over yearly … 401k with Fidelity , I moved all my 401k when I left GF to Fidelity

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High IQ individuals at GF are bored. Without true development, the daily mundane work is akin to torture and leads to depression. Gladly most have already left for their sanity.

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also to add, HR was acutely aware of this a few years ago, which is why there's a deal with LinkedIn in the first place. Positive callout to "JP" in HR for her leadership.

I know a bunch of teams that have tried "team wide" continuing education initiatives. It didn't turn out well. Speaking from experience: a small fraction of people take it seriously, another fraction doesn't care, and another fraction proves incapable.

That said, I think it mostly comes down to the individual. Complacency is the ki---r

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I actually will give GF props for this.

As a professional/engineer I believe I'm ethically bound to keep my skills up to date, and since GF is the primary beneficiary (outside of myself), I think they should pay for it.

Before COVID, they were willing to pay for conferences. There's educational reimbursement too. I wish there was an official policy around reimbursement for certifications and not dependent on your cost center/what your director allows. LinkedIn Learning is a tremendous resource too.

Don't be afraid to ask. Even my bad managers at GF have always encouraged personal growth.

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