Thread regarding Chesapeake Energy Corp. layoffs

Chesapeake ex-accounting people

Chesapeake is one of the worst companies I have ever observed in operational ethics. It is nothing short of miraculous (IMHO), that they haven't been caught in more of their shenanigans they have pulled over the years.

I'm looking for ex-employees that are familiar with the operations in division orders, tracking section acreages to balance to 100% payouts, unleased mineral owner revenue payments, inflation of expense calculations to be passed on to landowners and decisions on unclaimed property held .

If anyone knows of someone in those departments or knows of information about how these departments functioned, please put them in contact with me.

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Oh you must be looking for Jim the Tool. His web of deceit and lies mascaraed around as culture training. Fortunately most everyone saw straight through his BS and seen him for the pile that he was.

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