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They see that it is not going well, but they are not changing bad practices

A well-known quote can be applied to management at Staples: "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."
They persistently treat the best employees badly and expect that they will somehow stop the decline of this company. So it’s no surprise that we’re close to hitting the rock bottom.
Unfortunately, it looks to me that it will be too late to change these bad practices later?

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i'm wondering why i havent heard of essendant closing any warehouse yet.
also why staples hasnt merged the 2 business' into one. is there still threat of
anti-trust lawsuit from ftc? seems to me that sp has lawyers and accountants that
know how to skirt any legal issues that would prevent them from doing anything they

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Staples purposely eliminated all products purchased by Essendant a couple of years ago. Staples removed tens of millions of dollars from Essendant which tanked their stock and then bought them. Thinking they would get a better deal from suppliers, however, it’s a different channel of business. So the savings did not materialize. Further Essendant’s largest customer after that was WBM. Rather than continuing to buy from their competitor, they took their purchases direct. Essendant is a shell of its former self just like Staples. Staples two largest businesses Paper and Ink and Toner have been dropping in sales and continue to do so. With the pandemic, and people working from home and continuing with hybrid models, it is further ki----g these core businesses. Sycamore will continue to suck the life out of Staples until it is no longer viable! Remember they have themselves a $1,000,000,000 bonus the first year which gave them their money back they originally invested.

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For our Customers: make sure you bid our products against our competitors to obtain our best pricing prior to signing a contract.

Staples will probably lose, but you’ll get the lowest landed cost! Good Luck!

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Customers and potential customers love reading these posts.

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same can be said for essendant. if we were still listed our share price would be down
around the $7 that it was when sp bought us.

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