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They have no connection with their employees

It seems to me that management is completely disconnected from their employees. In fact, I'm starting to wonder if the management here has ever been connected with the employees?
I haven't been here for a long time so I don't know, but right now the situation is pretty bad.

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Managing at COP has nothing to to with the little people, or “individual contributors” as we call them. And to win praise from above you manage the execs expectations, truth or results only if they help in masquerading positivity for the initiative from your patron or crapping on the rival - that’s the real skill! Internal ladder climbing. External competitiveness? Idealist BS.

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Oh they “connect” with their employees alright if ya pick up what I’m layin’ down.
Some managers go out with their drinking buddies (all their underlings) multiple times a week, party at their houses, and make sure they get “special treatment.” Guess who gets the good ratings on those teams?
Look around, most managers have their little pets and sycophants that follow them around and are always willing and able to kiss up.
Some even go on nice vacations with their favorite employees to exotic locations.
See, at COP, it’s not about doing good work, adding value, and all that nonsense. It’s about who you can skrew over to come out on top.

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Its always been like that. I have for years sat on the same floor as some high level mgmt, and have never spoken to them. Mgmt whom I ultimately fall under. They have never concerned themselves with the work of people that happen more than 1 layer below them, not realizing that those boots on the ground crave decision makers or strategy setters to understand or acknowledge their plight. I have noticed that we only manage up, which is opposite of what a good manager should be doing. The manager is here for the individual contributor.

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