Thread regarding MetLife Inc. layoffs

COLA 2021 Rumored to be

4% or 4.5%

Not good enough.

2020 block $ buster year = 1.5%
2020 inflation rate= 1.4%
Real 2020 COLA = .1%

2021 block $ buster year = 4%
2021 inflation rate = 6%
Real 2021 COLA = 2%

Disclaimer: I’m not good at math so feel free to insult me, an average of 1.5%/year?

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The department I work in plays favorites. So AVIP is completely subjective. They identify who they like and want to keep, and keep happy. AVIP should be the same for all not some bs formula and where Senior leaders discuss each employees deserving amount. It’s gross. They sit there talking about you and as if you have any control over the work from the prior year.

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EG will pat themselves on the back for giving us an extra crumb then act all surprised when quit rates jump up in April.

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Who is the DB that votes down the reality of a negative 2 COLA? Get outta here. Todd.

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I didn't say that right. It's a 2% decrease in real terms , or a negative 2% increase.

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No insult, but if we get a 4% raise and inflation is 6%, then that is a NEGATIVE 2% real decrease!

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