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DST staff layed off can't go to Cerner now- its sold to Oracle!

But the existing cerner staff just made 10% on their stock in 1 week! DST's stock languished for years, paying that ratty 1% dividend - while executives got 1000% their annual pay in special bonuses. That is disrespect for the shareholders (who are the owners).

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I remember when Vercie Lark sold off millions in DST stock, millions made from laying people off and taking their salaries. Tom McDonnell raised his own pay 80% after the first layoff in 2008.

We were never anything other than an ATM for a handful of corrupt pieces of garbage.

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I saw that! Cerner stock did go up as its being purchased at $95 per share by Oracle. At one point wasn't George Soros a huge owner of KCSI and DST stock? I think the company bought out his position as he bickered with the board for years. I am sure the articles are still out there on the internet. There is going to be alot of empty KCMO office space once DST and Cerner are closed down and their operations are moved to other states. All the work to "save or restore" downtown KCMO will be for nothing. People want to work and live near Blue Valley, at least the tech group does. Just think, in a couple years no DST in Kansas City and people wont even know what it was. Just like House of Lloyd it will be quickly forgotten by new startups and higher tech companies. DST is history. The code we wrote is going away. Nothing will be left but memories. Even those will fade. All that work, for nothing now...

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