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Price's ;aw is why DST failed! Layoffs make it MUCH worse!

Price’s Law says that 50% of work at a company is done by a small number of people. Specifically, it says that 50% of work is done by the square root of the number of employees.

There’s no need to break out the middle school math book to understand this. If a company has ten employees, three of them will do 50% of the work and the other seven will do the rest.

If there are 100 employees, only 10 will account for 50% of the work. And if there are 10,000, only 100 will do half. That leaves 9,900 people doing the rest.

Can Businesses Keep Their Stars?
As companies grow, it can become harder to identify who the most productive employees are. The entrepreneur who hired and worked alongside them may come to rely more on professional managers.

Other issues spring from the fact that key employees may be creative, “outside the box” thinkers. They may be difficult for others to work with, and their innovative ideas may be hard to evaluate.

When a company faces a setback, key employees are likely to be the first to leave. Other employers, especially those making smart use of social media to identify talent, will be glad to offer them jobs.

Hiring companies can be expected to offer stock options that are more valuable than what the employees have at their current, faltering company.

Losing 100 employees may not seem like much in a company with 10,000, but the consequences can be catastrophic if these key people can’t be replaced.

The impact of Price’s Law can be brutal in companies that are prone to fast-changing technology or fashion.

The very survival of such businesses may depend on the work done by a handful of people who can’t be replaced. Owners must do what they can to identify them and keep them happy.

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I am not surprised by what happens at this company. We frequently had tasks from other departments transitioned to us. We received the poorest of training and terrible
out-of-date documentation. We received almost no backing from the company especially in training, and were told to get it on our own. Everything was terrible then, I can't even imagine what it is like now.

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DST management HAS to blame a current in office associate. So blaming a past employee for not training others doesnt fly. The slacker hope it works, but it doesnt. DST wants/needs to berate someone IN PERSON and then hold it against their career, that means holding a current employee at fault - not a past one. So blaming your lack of knowledge on a former staff doesnt work. However many a person leaves and doesn't document on purpose to make things bad once they leave. But DST doesnt blame past staff. If if its past staff's error. They MUST blame a current employee

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It has indeed happened many times, and continues.

"she never trained me on that" - even though training wasn't the empath's role ever. But that excuse doesn't work at DST.

False, this excuse always works at DST. Literally everyone remaining there is dead weight who has refused to learn new things unless forced. Look at all the legacy people who can't do anything but powerbuilder or legacy cobol, and never take it upon themselves to LEARN, even when they have access to tools and applications and the NEED to maintain software in more modern langauges in their immediate orgs. It's pitiful.

The loser remaining at DST deserve whatever they get.

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How many times have we seen this? One person in a department is not only doing their work well, but they have to help the others around them who can't do their daily work otherwise. So they do their job AND part of 4 or 5 other people's jobs each year. If they are an empath they are taken for granted and never given a supervisory position, even though they are supervising others. Then suddenly that jack of all trades with all the systems knowledge leaves DST Systems. Suddenly its apparent that the people left in the department are nothing but rookie level staff that were too lazy to learn the system and just let the empath do their job for them. They need HELP! Things are falling apart - clients are furious! So they start asking all kinds of people above them for help and its clear they are huge underachievers. Then the underachievers blame the empath "she never trained me on that" - even though training wasn't the empath's role ever. But that excuse doesn't work at DST. So suddenly the people swimming without suits on are exposed when the tide goes out! There is no documentation as the overachiever who left kept it all in her head, and never needed to write it down to do her job. Nor was that required. So people call her at her new job but she ignores them. Clients complain, the whole department looks like its failing. Staff have to actually do the hard work themselves and learn the system. It has happened hundreds of times at DST.

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