Thread regarding Truist Bank layoffs

What’s Going On In Compliance?

Left months ago but curious if Compliance “teammates” are doing OK? Everyone still happy?

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We just hired the Chief Auditor, who was Head of Risk and Compliance at MUFG and must have done a bang up job since they got 2 Public Consent Orders in 3-5 Years. Can only imagine what will happen here.

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Sincere Question: What is based in Pennsylvania?

With regard to the leadership: as long as employees had been doing a job for decades and the department ran itself, all was well for “leadership”.

With knowledge streaming out the door.... retirements, RIFs, quitting, etc., I doubt they know employees’ jobs enough to answer questions train replacements.

I had managers who could only answer questions by pointing me to someone else..... they were clueless. Very impressed with themselves, but totally incapable of answering even yes/no questions.

Gee, I really hope those girls are still there and having questions asked of them. That would be wonderful

Hang in there,

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Nothing can be as bad as the leadership in Pennsylvania. It’s a true disaster up here…abs only getting worse.
Let it all collapse. These clowns are unemployable outside of their nepotism haven called Truist

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Eh, you know, just playing with our silly spreadsheets and scheduling a bunch of pointless meetings, then shutting down at 4:00 pm sharp every day. Pretty much the usual. How you been, Bob?

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