Thread regarding Chesapeake Energy Corp. layoffs

How much longer will the best people be surrendered to the competition?

I do not agree at all with those who say that all talented people have left this company a long time ago. It's not true. Despite everything, there are still many talented and capable people, but the question is how long they will want to stay here. When I talk to colleagues who intend to leave at the beginning of next year, one thing stands out as the biggest reason - no vision. [Should a miracle happen so that the leadership of this company can finally figure out what their vision is for CHK or will they allow the remaining great people to leave for the competition?]

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What I truly appreciate about you is.....
I think you would be even more effective if.....

The biggest fckn joke I have ever been forced to comply with to preserve my senseless job in CHK.
Thanks to the spiders and their cult-like system of lies.

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Winners won't stay at a company that promotes losers. Winners won't stay at a company run by losers. If you can't figure this out, you are a loser.

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I mean... I guess there are still 'some' folks left with 'some' talent.
Perhaps the issue is that the ones who cared and worked with leadership to help solidify anything like a 'vision' in the past are gone.

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Yeah right. Bringing back all that Spider Web culture BS with the vision statement and list of fictional values is really going to keep good people from leaving.

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