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Maybe it’s high time to start caring about other things too?

Since it is obvious that State Street is very worried about employees being protected from the virus, my only hope is that State Street will soon start taking care of other things that bother employees.
For example, other stress-related illnesses due to overwork, lack of work-life balance that causes psychosomatic illnesses, etc.

Wouldn’t that be great?

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They do not care about other things bothering you. Was laid off over two years ago. Been there over 25 years. Best thing to happen. Received job in another industry. Making more money, good yearly raises and bonuses. Don’t be miserable and wait to get laid off. Ton of jobs out there .

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When the company started laying off people and outsourcing their jobs 20 years ago, and contiue the trend to save money.
This is the only thing the company cares about saving money.

And yes its the employees who been under the stress of,

  1. Will I be the next one to lose my job
  1. Will I go another year with no raise or maybe if I am lucky get a 1% raise
  1. Will I go another year with no bonus or maybe I will get a 1% bonus
  1. Will I still do the work of 2 to 3 people because of the lack of staff
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