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FAA official’s calls Boeing test pilot a 'scapegoat' in 737 Fraud Case


Documents filed in Texas district court showed an FAA official sent a
presentation to the DOJ ---
after the announcement of its indictment, saying its charges against Forkner
contained “many errors in fact,” and that he should “not be charged."
“This was a failure of engineering, not operations, not training,”
The FAA official said in a Power-point presentation in November,
that was included in the filing.
The presentation later added that too heavy a focus on the omission of
information from pilot training materials detracts
“from the real lessons that should be learned."
So what was the lesson, that Boeing management can’t be trusted?
I got that after my first two years of working here.

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There will be more accidents and death from Boeing design and manufacturing defects. From what we know, it is virtually guaranteed. But don't think there will ever be any accountability...

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While the "T" administration may be the most corrupt and inept administration of all times, immunity would have happened no matter what administration was in place at time. US politicians are the puppets of US company executives. Just follow the money trail.

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So what you’re saying is
The “T” administration granted immunity to a group of individuals
For the mսrder of 346 men women and children
Because the mսrders were in the name of Profit.

Sounds About Right

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The Boeing executives were granted immunity by the Trump administration DOJ as part of the federal settlement.

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I believe the real target is the executives at Boeing. They are only going after the pilot to get him to testify against the executives. I expect him to To get offered immunity in a plea deal to testify against executives at Boeing.

Everyone who works there knows there was lots of pressure to push the certification through and quality and safety were secondary concerns.

That’s why they outsourced the programming to $10 an hour programmers in India. The flight management system is the most important electronics on the airplane and to outsource the programming for that it’s just unheard of.

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The Boeing leadership has been aggressively pushing "do more with less" for at least 15 years. The Boeing leadership was successful accomplishing this. All the experienced and knowledgeable people are now long gone either enjoying early retirement or helping Boeing's competition. Boeing is now just a shell company of over-paid executives with a strong PR department that will announce great sounding stuff, but lacks the engineering or program management competency to accomplish anything significant. Greed and nepotism destroys companies and countries.

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