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Maybe there used to be some fairness here, but it's long gone. Wrong people are being promoted, while others are not even clear on what's the right path to get promotion. People put in extra effort and the only thing they get in return is more stress. I would say there is no fairness here anymore.

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That’s why I left, found out all men who were same rank as me, but expected to do MUCH less because they always followed managers orders to a t and never disagreed with them made much more than I did. If you are a star employee be prepared to fight to do the right thing. People here will harass and create a hostile work environment toward you if you have ideas of your own that don’t follow your bosses. Managers here play favorites, sadly if you are motivated, hard working and show initiative they don’t like you to outshine them and they will push you out of their safe clique.

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Raises, Bonuses and Promotions should be based on
how hard you work and your productivity.

It should not be based on how popular you are with the bosses
But sadly when I was there, I saw too many what I call pets get special treatment from the bosses.

They rarely had to work overtime, or come in on the weekends when needed.

It was always the quiet productive workers who had to come in on weekends and work extra hours.

Extra hours is fine when your getting paid for it, not when you salaried.

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I worked at SSB for many years. the workers who are most sociable and network with managers are the most likely to get promoted. quiet hard workers rarely get promoted (or they have to fight really hard to get one). the company is pretty diverse, but whites are more likely to get promotions.

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I agree,

it looks worse when career outlook shrinks. Everyone looks out only for himself or herself.

You will also be less likely promoted if your group is majority H1 and F1
Because corporations attest that they are better paid than you are.

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