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How else to explain the sudden change?

I have been working here since 2014 and all these years I have been quite comfortable working here. I encountered smaller issuess of course, it wasn’t ideal, but I didn’t have any major complaints. In recent months, however, this has not been the case. Manager often gets angry, gives me unrealistic deadlines and even less realistic amounts of work, I am constantly exposed to criticism for things that I could not have influenced at all. And I should mention that I've been working harder than ever. I talked about it with a colleague and he has the same problem. How can this be explained other than Juniper wanting to get rid of people by creating a lot of pressure?

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Don’t bother with a lawyer, that’s a waste of time. Just quit and find another job.

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Juniper has partnered with the current government you're seeing. It's called Tyranny. Dictatorship and tyranny. It doesnt feel good, does it, to be told what to do and to be accused. When you take people who were never born and lived through American values, you get outsiders running a company who only know how to be dictators. Kevin Johnson, who I didn't care for but that's besides the point, left in 2013. So you started when this company had a little bit of leg left. He gave us power to do what we needed to do to succeed. Anyone that became dictators like what you see now, they would have been removed in however way possible. The mentality didnt belong in the culture he created. He ALLOWED people to be who they were, make the sales etc.. Since then, the dictatorship started. All the SE's that gave a sh-t about this company left after an 11 month bad CEO and then RR stepped up and sold his soul or something. I spent far too long at Juniper. RR and the csuite took an amazing company and have put the chloroform cloth over the companys' nose and mouth.

Ask yourself this: Why did the founder stop giving a sh-t about this company he founded and go make a new startup? LOL... that should tell you everything. Using Niobium chipsets and everything - hes innovative. We no longer are able to be innovative- everything is about money and metrics because the company is in DEBT. I think in 2014 or 2015 we had to pull out a loan or something. So now everyone needs to be micromanaged.
I can't tell you these things, I've been saying all of this for the last 5 or more years. Until you experience it, then you'll understand and really see it. The csuite HAS to go. You, the people, have the power to change the csuite - climate surveys is a great place to start...

Time to move on - i can't stand to say it but it's time to move on. It hurts at first but the market is hot. Best of luck.

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OP - you have probably reached the pay ceiling at your position, or started making more than your manager.
Juniper's HR is known to have advised managers to setup unofficial Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs) with unrealistic goals and expectations, in preparation for layoffs. This is a dirty tactic to get around paying compensation in compliance with the labor department.

Get a lawyer. Document what you do and back up your emails as well as all communications with your manager because you will need them when you milk that juniper cow till the udder runs dry.

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It seems to be a trend. I have the same issue. Shame

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