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What Pearson PLC can learn from the failure of University of Phoenix

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To the poster who said “higher Ed is a dirty game!” You nailed it! All the parents and students touring campuses wrapped up in the promise of a bright future are deluded and everyone involved has a hand it.

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@qde+1f52Th9z, meanwhile, they pay content writers next to nothing to write all the teachers guides and other material. Talk about a racket

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I'm sure the President of Penn State sits around and asks " how in the world are we going to get our grads to repay their student loans?" BAWAHAHAHAHAA

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Pearson and all publishers always have and always will line up to the trough of free government money. How do I know?

I know the person who (good for them) saw the promise of selling to the University of Phoenix almost three decades ago.

Pearson was knee-deep at UoP before anyone. They sold hundreds of millions of dollars of product to those "woefully under-prepared" students. So did Thomson and McGraw, but no one was in as early as Pearson.

Another Pearson employee was so tight with John Sperling, that they would regularly play golf with him and visit his home.

Everyone knew the grift was on. Even back then. I don't blame publishers at all. There was someone willing to legally buy a product, so why wouldn't you sell it to them?

Pearson made a ton of easy money and lots of people made enormous bonus checks. They did the same with Kaplan, ITT, Strayer, Devry...the list goes on and on.

Higher education, whether it is non-profit or for-profit is a dirty game masked in virtue. Take a look at all those respected institutions who have racked up billions of dollars of student loan debt with absolutely zero accountability for making sure that it is repaid.

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