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How to negotiate a raise?

I would try to negotiate my raise if I thought that there is a 1% chance to negotiate successfully or not be fired soon after negotiating. However, if I don't get a better job soon, I'll try, whatever happens. Is there anyone here who has managed to negotiate a raise? I would appreciate any advice.

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My old boss always tell me and he was a SVP, if I want a raise "go find a new job" so I did. He was fired and I found a new job with better benefits and decent working hours, there are some hard days but it was expected. It was a win-win situation.

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Parts of your post are good others are just a dream.

A Mgr can put in say for a 5% raise for one of their best workers.
But in the end its the high level Executives who determine how much money for raises are given to th Mgr.

A Mgr may have say 10 workers and wants to give each one a $40.00 a week raise which comes out to $20,800 extra per year.

The Executives may only give the money $15,000 to divide among the workers

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Oh please. VP here. Doesn’t do any good to negotiate. MD already divvied up the pie before your manager knew. Your manager is just the poor sap who had to deliver the news. They don’t care about whatever accomplishments you write out. If your manager is a VP or below they did not have a damn say. My best advice is to flat out tell your manager what you want for a raise for the coming year in October. You may get it you may not, but at least you voiced it before the pie dividing that takes place in late December/early jan.

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It is ok to ask but your timing may be too late for this year. It is an annual cycle and salary/bonus recommendations have already been submitted and are in the review process so managers have almost no ability to change at this point. Best time to bring this up is in December or beginning of January when managers can make recommendations. Off cycle updates do happen but are rare unless you change roles.

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@Post ID: @ycp+1f5cELey Good post,

But you are living in a dream. The average worker has no say in their raises.
Raises for the average workers is already set by mgmt

Now if your a AVP VP MD or SVP you might be able to get a nice raise, bonus and more benefits.

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Do not fear the negotiating! Honestly I think managers/everyone respects it.
Prepare: -list out all the reasons you deserve a raise: what exactly have you done over the years that has helped STT make money, how have you helped your bosses/stt reach their core goals, retained clients..etc.

  • List things you will do to help them realize even more gains and goals in the future and therefore are the reasons why they should invest in you.
  • Bring up your pay and past wages: have you even made raises enough to keep up with inflation? I bet it's a no.
  • Bring up a number that you think is a fair pay for all the value you offer: The number is important, if you don't tell them they will be like ok-and give you basically no raise.
  • Schedule a meeting with your manager-I would say upper manager, I did this in the past and no offense to my direct managers but they........don't do...or know..... anything.

Remember who you are-a hard working employee who deserves to be paid fairly for their value and time.

Worst possible case: they say no- you will leave there with more confidence for sticking up for yourself, and your managers will know you aren't there to mess around and you do take yourself seriously.

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