Thread regarding HCSC (Health Care Service Corporation) layoffs

What can anyone here change but the company?

My question is for those who advise that one should stop complaining and try to change something about it instead. What exactly can be changed here?

I don't think it's possible to change anything other than becoming indifferent to everything that bothers us or, of course, leaving this company.

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Wow. People here try to bully others who don’t agree with their bitterness and whining. That’s a violation of the rules of this site. We can agree to disagree without being ugly. I will keep posting as I choose. You do the same. Do not try to keep me away. I will keep coming back.

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It is normal for a certain percentage of people to express their dis-satisfaction in anonymous public forums because they fear retribution or indifference if their thoughts are expressed to their management or a "Hotline". Some of this expression is indeed simple whining, some is indeed an interesting look at the company's internal gearing, and some is solid information sharing.

Who knows who looks at this site and what impact it has? No one really knows. In HCSC's case. we can hope someone from the Illinois DOI on occasion checks this site.

For those who question why people come to this site to express their thoughts, perhaps a class in Organizational Behavior could help you understand that?

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