Thread regarding Synovus Financial Corp. layoffs

Nepotism is ruining Synovus

There's no progressing on merit, you either have to belong to a certain and very tight circle or you need to kiss the right butts. Otherwise, you're either seen as somebody to take advantage of or a threat that needs to be removed as soon as possible. This is why people are leaving in droves.

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The diversity and inclusion at Synovus is laughable. It's clear that Synovus is not as diverse as it thinks it is.

They keep black execs hidden behind teams like Inventory Management (lol) and the other execs are treated like they are not worthy.

I have seen personally one exec bring in her colleagues from other companies as Business Analysts that are now Sr. Leadership within Synovus (you can't make this up)

It's defeating for sure when long time employees who have been told to "work on your brand" as an excuse for not getting a raise.

People are leaving because they are fed up with the current caste system at Synovus

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One of the most diverse States, yet the entire c-suite is white. And look at the top. Fathers, sons, cousins, best friends, ALL white men, many related in terms of CEO. And this is celebrated.

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Many people are related within the company. Others have brought very close friends into the company that are hired in at higher pay/higher level or have quickly gone up the ranks at a pace unheard of for most. It hurts the loyal long time employees that get the avg 2-3% merit. Then being told that’s a good raise and all that upper management will approve (and many have been through the years where there was no merit due to cost savings). Wish we knew if there was a lay off coming soon but doubt it there is one.

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