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How it's decided who to lay off

Was RIF'ed in 2018 after 44 years. Managers never know, they have zero input to the process. Decision made at EVP level. They call HR for list of names over 40 years old and more than 15 years of service. Then check to see if they are part of the old Pension Plan. If so, they go to the top of the list, then folks over 40. They don't care what you do, what you know, how good you are or how important the accounts are that you work on. All they care about is cost. The more you cost, the less they want you. Hayford and team want to gut NCR, sell off the pieces and collect big payday. F*ck them and the horse they road in on.

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That sounds about right on all point made. Hayford has no loyalty to thos company, its future or the employees that built it. He's a phony, a money grabber looking forward to his final big payday. Look at how he arrived, installed his elderly cronies he worked with at other companies hes destroyed. NCR is in sad shape and no matter how many bogus employee events he dreams up will never change employees opinion of him. Employees are not stupid or fooled by his phony smile and hip mullet. The first time I heard him speak when he was first introduced, I thought scatter brain. Sounded like he fell off his surfboard and hit his head one too many times. NCR is in sad shape and Hayford would be better off gone if they are to survive.

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