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Downsizing and attrition

2020 my program got rid of nearly 3 scrum teams as they moved things to cloud. 2021 we lost a whole bunch of contractors, who had been with us close to a decade, to better opportunities. 7 new people we hired rescinded on their offers within two weeks of accepting. The first quarter of 2022 is barely over, and now we lost three FTEs - two at a manager level, and another at a senior director (20 year veteran) level - all of these were really good at their work. Nearly 10 contractors have been hired full time.

Anyone else have the same experience?

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What group? Bunch of bozos in the former OSS-Ops group. Wish many phony useless leaders (Director, Line Managers, Advisors) collecting big fat paychecks shown the door in the same way.

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