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I stayed here too long

I stayed for more than 10 years and now I wish I hadn’t. It is only now that I am looking for a new job that I realize that my skills have atrophied here. This is no longer a company where it is possible to grow a career. My advice to all newbies is not to stay here much longer than two years.

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It really depends on your skill set. If they’re the kind to atrophy quickly with time (ie technical) then you’re doing yourself a disservice by not leaving sooner knowing there was nothing new to learn. If otherwise, (ie finance, facilities, etc) then they atrophy much slower and are more transferable.

Either way, (IMO) you’re making the right decision if you haven’t received above average compensation/promotions. The only reason I’m here nearly as long as you is because my job is comfortable and do it well with learning opportunities, but not for long because of poor leadership infecting everything it touches.

Of the 40 people I started out working with, there are only 6 left. My team is made up of half clowns/posers/leechers, so can’t wait for them to bag hold.

As others have stated, this clown car of a place needs to stop embarrassing itself. The Riverbed stench that has grown the past 5 years will follow unless you’re able to articulate your way out of it.

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