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Layoffs inevitable when you drop resellers

The layoffs are inevitable when Bose decided to stop supplying resellers that had been selling Bose products for decades. They dropped almost all independent resellers, even ones that did millions in revenue. Cutting revenue streams like that is a sign of big problems, and the employees of the company take the windfall of those lost revenues.

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I think the issue is every product they make is done by others, they stopped making loud speakers which could have had some value, eco 1 and eco 2 are horrible compared to sonos. Headphones are ok, but the air pods destroy the other ones. Quiet comfort seems to hold them up. Also why are we still selling sound sport wireless? Refresh them! Clean up the design and get some money. They are ugly, people tell us that all the time. Quiet control 30 was a disaster of a product, and the irony of the sound sport open was also silly, bose complains about ear hooks and sets out to make the open ear headphones as uncomfortable as possible.

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Lack of sufficient margins and profits to support the Bose business model goes way beyond reseller channels - recall also the closing of all Bose owned retail stores a few years ago and many other last century verticles and behaviors shut down in this century

It has everything to do with a business model that has last century excess in the middle of the profit and loss calculation

Excess, that against the last century premium prices Bose was able to pull down, has been no longer supportable in this century's super competitive landscape - competitors that for years now have demonstrably better price/performance than Bose, in all of the Bose core product categories

Bose as a private company, hides these financial realities from its own employees since it does not have to legally disclose its financial position publically and it is any but transparent internally and C-suite accountable

It has become clear that financial and business reporting, locally in MA and globally, has simply lost interest in Bose - with Bose a master of "no comment" against its opaque by design financial relationship MIT and a hidden board of governance

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Millions in revenue does not equal millions in profits. Sometimes with thin margins you find yourself in unprofitable positions and it makes more sense to leave those positions.

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