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Check Your 2022 AIP Math

Has anyone noticed the disconnect between the 2022 AIP check you received and the 2022 AIP guidelines?

The messaging has been that 2022 AIP is based (1) 50% on 2021 Individual Performance and (2) 50% on 2021 Corporate Performance.

Let’s walk through this scenario. The 2021 Corporate Performance was 89.3%. Let’s say you were a model Associate and attained On-Target and 100% for your 2021 Individual Performance.

Let’s say you have a Target Award of 8% of your salary and you make $100k/year, a round number for ease of calculation.

CF should have paid you an AIP gross amount of $7,572 for 2022
$100k x .08 = $8k
Individual Performance portion = $8k x .50 x 1.00 = $4k
Corporate Performance portion = $8k x .50 x .893 = $3,572

However, this is NOT how CF paid the 2022 AIP. Instead, this is how CF miscalculated your AIP.
($100k x .08) x .893 x 1.00 = $7,144.

Essentially, the Associate has been underpaid by >$400 than what was promised. What am I missing folks???

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Wow!!!!! Glad I was there during the Chet days and the bonuses where beautiful!!! HEY, good luck with BP at the helm lol lol and lol!!

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It’s a combination of Individual and Corporate performance but it’s not a 50/50 weighting; not sure who gave that messaging. The formula is:
target award based on band * Award range based on the Individual’s performance * Corporate performance* base salary 12/3/21. In your example, correct payout is 8% * 100% * 89.3% * $100,000 - $7,144. Look at the AIP plan doc posted on the Intranet. It has all the details. Next year’s plan is out there too

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Whoever brought this up - please read the AIP and tell us where specifically it states 50/50. I do not see anything in the document that shows the split. Please help me out.

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Everyone - I know the AIPs weren’t what everyone was expecting, so let me clear this up.

My family and I simply can’t live in a 12,000 sq ft house. It’s just too small and makes me feel like I’m poor.

I’ve adjusted the AIP formula to generate some extra bonus dollars for me, so I can put on a 5,000 sq ft addition, where I will house all of my “Most Ethical Company” trophies. I’m actually shocked you guys figured it out, since I’ve been milking you all for years…

Of course you might be able to afford that little $400 luxury you were looking forward to, but your sacrifice really is for the greater good. Thanks!


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Mine is not correct either. Sure hope you brought this up to payroll before you posted on this site!!

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What did payroll say about the miscalculation?

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