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Many have not returned to the office yet

The atmosphere is pretty gloomy. It’s still hard to get used to being back in the office after so long. I came back right away because I was afraid of losing my job. I see that many have not returned yet. Question for those who still work from home - did they call you and insist that you return to the office?

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The old management at the top are going to have to realize that remote and hybrid work schedules are the way of the future. Many large global financial companies are already instituting this model and employees are highly motivated with this arrangement because they are happier being able to manage home/work life better and feel less stress. 2 years of Covid lock down proved it was a viable, profitable way to run a business.

What would you rather have; highly motivated, well rested employees who are not spending extra money on commuting costs during historical inflation or miserable, exhausted, broke employees who feel drained by the system?

There is no name brand loyalty anymore with who you work for, no one cares, it’s just a paycheck. The work is basically the same from company to company. What was once a badge of honor to be at such and such company, no longer matters if the company across the street has a hybrid with same pay and benefits.

And don’t get me started on the medical tyranny. That’s the real problem. Most people are fed up with being told they have to share their medical information with their employer and coworkers.

If companies don’t adapt to the new remote/hybrid system they will fail to secure the best talent. Sure, some jobs need to be in office, but 75% can be done remotely. This has been proven and highly successful.

Adapt or get left behind with stale talent. Simple.

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Why go into the office to sit on zoom calls all day?

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Covid is over. What are you afraid of?

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