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A word of caution

Don't rely on what you are told will be your job during your interview. I went in expecting one thing and I was greeted with something completely different. I could deal with being given additional responsibilities, but I was expected to do things I have never done before and was never trained to do. It took me two months to walk away, and even that was too long.

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Depending on the job, I might have turned around and walked out on the first day. Like... if you brought me in as a systems engineer, and told me when I arrived on day 1 that you needed me to do help desk for a few months instead. Nope! Or hired me for day shift, but tell me at the end of my orientation day that there's been a change and the position I accepted as day shift would actually be overnights instead. Nope!
The only two times I ever walked out without any notice.

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