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Why such a bad attitude towards the most loyal employees?

I have been working here for many years and it is sad what this place has become. They used to advocate loyalty but now the most loyal employees are treated the worst.
Mediocre people who have almost no experience or enthusiasm for work are valued more than those of us who have done so much for this company.

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Each month a bunch of loyal American employees and contractors are let go, all the while they continue to pay nearly 500 Russian employees and contractors. If Russian bo--s were falling on North Carolina I suspect they would stop the export of jobs to that country...or maybe not. #SoullessLeadership

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Why such a bad attitude towards the most loyal employees? ANSWER: Because the Posers from Verizon who came in and then immediately hired all of their friends have NO 💡 IDEA what they are doing, that's why. By simply declaring that anyone with tenure at Avaya is clueless they can justify their scam of pretending that they have the secret sauce to turn things around. All they have done is devalue the company and strip it of what made it great. They were supposed to enhance and support Avaya to take it forward, NOT destroy what worked and tell all existing employees AND CUSTOMERS that they are stupid and useless. If I ever again hear the VP of Global Sales or his hinchman or the musical chairs Cloud team say the following "You don't have the right contacts at the client and you don't know what you are doing" to another account team I am going to lose my mind. NOTE TO LEADERSHIP & MARKET ANALYSTS: The decision makers that are tied to any "deals" have NEVER been the people they declare we should speak to. Thus, this behavior has alienated them from the actual purchasers and what do they have in the end? ZERO RELATIONSHIPS! Their value was their loyal entrenched base. Yet they have treated that base with the same disregard as they do the employees. You can only go so long treating people that way

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