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I will retire within the year at GA, but before I do, I will tell the truth.

As someone posted below, employees are expensive. Yes, salaries are not competitive as others, but the company still has to pay for your healthcare, benefits, and retirement. We do win contracts, but not enough in number or big enough in dollar amount to offset. This has resulted in layoffs, at all divisions, EMS, ASI, so on, just to keep the bottom dollar going.

Despite the numerous layoffs, it is forecasted that it is not enough. This means more layoffs, longer hours, and reduced hiring. Life at the company will get harder, not easier, and never be the same.

Every person will have to decide for themselves if they want to stay and ride it out or try to leave early. I am not advocating for one or the other. I had a great career, but I speak from the heart. More layoffs coming. Good luck to all!

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GA is in serious decline. Talent is leaving, they arent hiring qualified replacements, the most toxic people stay and get promoted. Now, they are losing money on contracts and not taking action to course correct, except more layoffs. There are a lot of cliche poor business practices I see here because the leadership is more concerned about appearing like they are in control than actually doing the hard work and leading the company. Its sad, there was so much potential when I started, but I'm seeing it fall apart.

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You are So correct about the people in charge not listening to Experienced workers, Tupelo is suffering because of this!

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They lost the bubble on what it takes to be competitive. Worse they compartmentalize and refuse to listen to people who have experience provide input. Chest thumping. and being in a specific role are the only people that are invited to the table for comment.
How can a company be progressive if they don’t want to change? Those that have been there the longest are those that inhibit changes-often hiding realism of the situation. People have been let go for trivial things including exposing data manipulation so as not to share with corporate - some of which might have changed outcomes .
Leaders are well compensated and have a survivalist mentality. As stated, make your own decisions

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Thanks for speaking the truth! Congrats on your career.

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