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I have been in the Aerospace industry for 33 years. I've been working at General atomics a little over 5 years now. Truth be told General atomics has been living off the predator for a long long time it is ran its course. Bad management decisions has caused the decline in every way. Their Workforce is very skilled and dedicated but morale is bad because they just don't care about their employees. Family first not at General atomics the employees thank you for working through the pandemic is a layoff how classy can you get.

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I guess the best company to look for is one that can keep re-inventing itself. Corning is a company that comes to mind, it went from Cookware to Fiber Optics, To Gorilla Glass, to who knows.

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Barely working while GA loses contracts, you poor person with poor compensation!

See what I did there little man haahhaha

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Posted this on another thread too…

For all those looking, I have a friend who just got hired at a small company here in San Diego. They are called 4Liberty. This person is trying to get me to come over. Been chewing on the idea. They have hired quite a few people from General Atomics apparently. This is according to my friend.
Here’s the website in case someone out there is looking:
They have a lot of job postings. My friend said they are growing quickly and adding more jobs often.
Good luck out there!

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Great example of Kodak, another example that comes to mind is Blackberry. Once a great company beloved by many that failed to keep up with advancing technologies. Like Kodak I see parallels with GA.

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Lots of companies get "fat, d-mb, and happy" off of selling one popular product. They forget to dip into the diversification of their talent to either sell expanded capability of existing products or stay in tune with the customer to make new ones. I would say one solid classic case is the fall of Kodak.
They were a very strong and powerful company in the film industry. But, they got fat, d-mb, and happy just making film. Along comes the solid-state sensor industry with cameras, and they got totally blindsided. They entered the competition late, and could never catch up. This example is particularly sad because, they we're in a great situation, being the same city as the University of Rochester Institute of Optics.
Executives are stupid, make an unjustified amount of money, and are beholden to short sited Stock Holders. Holding an executive position for a long term and not given autonomy makes them complacent, and even more ignorant of how to lead the company.
If you see a lot of parrallels in General Atomics, its time to leave. Best of luck.

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