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A return to office with record high inflation coupled with crippling gas prices & stagnate wage increases is nothing short of old CEO’s from a different era trying to strong arm the working class. These CEO’s are all in their 70’s and grew up during a time where it was 9-7pm 5 days a week with a suit & tie. Times have changed and so too should the expectations of in-office work.

For my job, as it is, I have absolutely no reason to be commuting 30+ minutes into the office everyday, each way. I get more work done at home, as I’m sure many do. The entire last two years has shown a proof of concept in that depending on the industry & role, work be can be done from virtually anywhere.

It is absolutely abhorrent that we are being asked to return to the office under the false pretense of collaboration, teamwork & productivity. Show me the data on whether business needs have suffered due to work from home and then we can begin to have the discussion of everyone spending $300 on gas/lunch per month in addition to the general unpleasantness of having to commute & be in the office. They can’t present that data because there is none to support the claim. As an aside, while I enjoy some people I work with, it’s not to the point where I’ll unduly burden myself financially & mentally by having to be in the office for an otherwise fully remote job. No interest in the fake nonsense that makes up office conversations i.e hearing about your kids or your weekend plans. Lets not pretend this is something that it isn’t i.e a friendship. We can do that over Skype just as easy.

It’s also blatantly obvious that they’re pushing up the wage increases in order to stifle the inevitable mass exodus as a result of having to return to the office.

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Perhaps use some of that unlimited PTO and just stay home.

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Management thinks we saved so MUCH money buy working from home - that we can take that savings and buy gasoline at record prices and it wont matter. After all our gas purchases went down while we worked from home. What a stupid and childish view.

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Yes I remember the suit and tie days for the men at DST. However women could wear anything, very short skirts, low cut shirts AND walk around their area or department without any shoes on. Yes they claimed their high heels hurt, so they were allowed to walk the department in bare feet. No guy could do that. But DST is now unfair to all asking us to come back in the office. Meta is buidling a big data center (they didnt even consider buying Winchester) and I hope to work there.

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