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I think leaving is the only option

I’m sad to say this but for the first time in my life I think that leaving this company is the only life solution for me. Things are far from good but I always thought things will get at least a little better at some point. It is obvious they won’t. I always thought leaving is like giving up, but it looks like there is no other solution.

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traceable goal

Now that's a novel idea, haven't seen those in a LOOONGGGG time. Who still here remembers the Amazon "bump" everyone was gifted at end of year? We didn't know that was our impending doom at the time, but at least we had somewhat of an idea of how we were performing.

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I thought I would retire in the industry. I was scared to leave. I didn't want to end up even unhappier and then bounce from job to job and not having job security.

I left. It's been nothing short of amazing.

Truth is--there is no security or loyalty at Pearson. Poor leadership, re orgs every other year, clueless mid managers (RMs/DMs), terrible pay (I mean, when was the last time anyone in sales actually hit goal OR had a traceable goal?!)...

I cannot encourage you to leave fast enough if you are tenured. If you are fresh out of college and looking or starting at Pearson....WHY?!!

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If you are feeling defeated at Pearson and still want to have a career and life beyond this place then there is absolutely no better time to get out then NOW? People are leaving in droves which results in an even less effective organization led by very ineffective managers. I left and I have never looked back. When they say the grass is greener on the other side, not only is it greener but it’s growing, it’s wonderful, and until you go try it you’ll never know how awful you really have it right now. Good luck and please report back when you are in a better place. You’ll be so glad you moved onwards and upwards.

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