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Lost LTIP Reality

On March 1, 2021, the stock price for MRO open at $11.51 and closed at $11.20 per share. The current price is roughly double the price from that day.

To calculate exactly how much you are missing out on this year, multiply your salary times your target, then divide by $11.51 to get the number of shares you should have been awarded.

Then multiply that by the current price and divide by 3. That is how much those below grade 14 are missing, and it only gets worse in the years to come.

Happy trails!

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The removal of LTIP is why I left. When I had LTIP, other jobs weren't competitive. Without it, all were.

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A historical look back to grant price and value shows the following :

$14.53 was stock price on March 1, 2018
$17.08 was stock price on February 15th, 20th, and March 1, 2019
$10.47 was stock price on February 18, 2020.

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what makes it all much more difficult to swallow is the mro share price hit $7.21 on 1/25/21, just a few weeks before it would have been issued to the mid grades. and we have seen the share price up 300% since then

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Ask your managers the difficult questions.
MRO will have the most profitable year on record since 2014.
Why aren’t raises better?
Why should I continue to put forth the effort?
What are you doing to add to the bottom line?
Make them earn that 14 pay grade.
Be frustrated.
Don’t ever forget their pockets doubled over the last year. Yours did not.
It’s us vs them at this point.
90% of current managers can’t do their own people’s work.
Don’t make this an easy conversation.

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I never could understand the influx of UK folks in a fast moving business . The UK culture is analysis paralysis - always late to the game in a final decision. It will be the final fate of MRO - late to the game and late to their funeral.

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If you ain’t a Scot? Move on. Let MRO ride off, and then these folks will come begging us for jobs.

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Everyone watch how this year plays out, They don't want you at MRO long term. LTIP put that on wall. Pension will be next.

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