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Terrible management practices

  1. Not being responsive to questions or requests.
  2. Forgetting what you have asked them to do.
  3. Assigning the same task to different employees.
  4. Not setting an example (do as I say, not as I do).
  5. Taking Special privileges.
  6. Coasting.
  7. Not pitching in in a crisis.
  8. Overpromising and under delivering.
  9. Not listening/multitasking.
  10. Insensitively to signs of overwork.
  11. Fighting with and badmouthing your peers or boss.
  12. A lack of understanding or appreciation for the work.
  13. Taking credit, not giving credit.
  14. Holding back, not sharing critical info.
  15. Micromanaging.
  16. Not addressing performance problems.
  17. Playing favorites.
  18. Sending emails, texts, or making phone calls on weekends and evenings (and expecting an immediate answer).
  19. Being cheap.
  20. Indecisiveness.
  21. Waffling.
  22. Loose lips.
  23. Being moody, emotionally volatile and unpredictable.
  24. Won’t ever admit a mistake.
  25. My way or the highway.
  26. Not open to new ideas.
  27. It’s all about me.
  28. Not being available.
  29. Abusing your power.
  30. Being a buzzkill.
  31. Being a know-it-all.

Almost every one of these applies to my manager.

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You know you a bad employee when your manager has you on his speedboat at the Ozarks and does donuts till your feeling sick! What a dangerous and short sighted immature thing to do! Even if the boat has 2 engines and it makes it easy to do. Donuts in an expensive boat is a sign the person should not be managing anything!

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This is how basic management at DST get hired in a friendly way, then the manager "goes hostile" on you for no reason, then you work extra hard to win back his good graces. The hostile attitude is poured out on anyone the manager isnt best friends with. His best friends dont have to work hard. That way all the mice dont play when the cat goes away. Its the lazy way to manage people. it requires no motivational or people skills. its something that was used in the 1500's.......

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Managers stupid comments : How about hiring someone like me for $6.00 per hour (back in the late 1970's), then berating me for not buying a house and living with my brother. Buying a house on $6.00 per hour. When your paying $100 per month just to park downtown too? And donating to the United Way through DST's strong suggestion that you give 1% of your pay to it. Then the 1% earnings tax even though I lived in Kansas. So buy a house on $6.00 per hour......

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Always looking for someone to blame.
Allowing Suck A$$es to go to the top.
Having management sell the company and take millions and millions in the sell separation package and throw the employees out the door without carrying.

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Also add this: taking an innocent glance, mistake, or item forgotten as a HUGE PERSONAL INSULT which the manager NEVER FORGETS and then spends hours building a huge war plan of destruction against you and your career! All for something innocent they twisted into something bad.

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