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What's the deal with layoffs?

Are we safe or not?

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Attention workplace activists joining the rapidly growing movement to push for specific anti-general bullying laws at the State level. Here are some great resources for you all!

Remember that much general bullying is not currently illegal UNLESS it is based on a protected category (also, the EEOC is understaffed and it is almost impossible to prove intent, even more difficult if you are stuck in an employer-friendly arbitration agreement (they want repeat players, so if the employer is footing the bill for the arbitration to keep procedings confidential, do you think employees are in a stronger position during arbitration??).

Oftentimes, union organizers or those the employer merely fears are organizing will get targeted BY managers to try to drive them to quit, since there may be no legitimate reason to outright fire them. If subjected to a "mobbing" campaign, read this book (but ignore the author's advice to introspect as if the victim is to blame for any abuse, as most anti bullying organizations argue this is not correct).

Bullying can be deadly and lead to litigation, so companies should NOT tolerate it by instigating, perpetuating OR tacitly condoning such abuse by tolerating it when they know it is going on.

Employee side attorneys to help with exit packages if victims are leaving non-voluntarily can be located through this organization.

And call up your elected representatives at your State level asking them to sponsor and pass State level anti-workplace bullying legislation that covers even the non status protected forms of bullying. This will make our workplaces safer and more financially profitable and productive. Don't delay. Get on the phone and make yourselves heard to your elected reps today!

Be safe and kind to each other.

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@1how+1fqdsdz6 u r right on. we lost contract 4 oh and that business will b going to gain well overheard it in the break room as of the summer. they r looking to remote model staff from now so who knows wat happens with local staff. I would apply 4 transfer if u havnt yet. everyone new is trained 4 all states now

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MCC acquisition has ruined morale and love of our jobs. Now we all report to them (in some departments) The teams are disorganized and leadership is sub par. Literally trying to take us back to the brink of bankruptcy by destroying all the progress we've made. Came in and gave every lower merits than ever when they never met us before.

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I wouldn’t bank on it right now. All of these things from Corporate do NOT a look promising. Looks like a set up for failure.
It’s really hard to trust what anyone says at this point. Always be ready. Don’t get comfortable. At this point we could be at THEIR mercy, if we ALLOW ourselves to.

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Per who?
Feels like it is heading that direction in Ohio
Low work
Unattainable goals
Setting up to fail
Everything moving to Corp
Would you like to change your answer?

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