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Is severance the same as pre-pandemic?

I'll be honest, I'm low-key hoping to be laid off when the incoming reorganization gets fully underway but I'm a bit worried about the severance package. Were any changes made during the pandemic like in some other companies or is it still the same? Is there any way to find out?

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Major layoff already under-way; beginning of MDT fiscal year (May-Apr).

Medtronic IT is doing major Outsourcing with Cognizant.. this is bound to fail in few years; for now $$ saving and major layOffs. Either-way MDT is bloated with TOOOO many Director, Sr. Director & VP type people with no real actual WORK but drawing all the pay & benefits - thanks to Omar who went on major Diversity promotion binge (read almost exclusively white Women) starting mid-2015. Good Luck MDT fixing shiiit you brought on to yourself.

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I worked at Medtronic for over 10 years. Layoffs will happen in April. They try to get them done in the fiscal year. All med device is struggling due to covid19 caseloads at hospitals and patients dying from covid19.
I recommend getting out while you can- unless you have more than 10 years with the company- don’t wait to get laid off. Try to have a new job by October.
If you over 45, it’s much more difficult to find a new job. Ageism is rampant in the USA. Start working on it now and look at all industries and market segments, including government. Government doesn’t pay well, but they have great benefits and less ageism.
May the odds be ever in your favor.

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I have been hearing rumors of big changes coming end of fiscal year 2022 - April 30. Anyone know if layoffs will be happening?

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