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How do you get everything done?

Given that the workload is significantly higher and some even complain that they are now doing a triple workload, I wonder how you manage to get everything done? After my colleague left, I got only a part of his job and honestly, I barely manage to get everything done on time.

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Investment in India provides a significant saving to the bottom line. However, the people and the quality of work that I see are atrocious. I mean it's so bad that we have to correct the work and frankly i don't see the real benefit. The attrition rate in India is awful. State Street comp is very low compared to other firms over there. It's penny pinching over here and it's rupee pinching over at India. We, the few still at SS, are suffering because we have to take up more work... It's a stressful environment and i don't see the light at the end of the tunnel..

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I just posted how I worked till I dropped etc I just read your post I swear to G*d we must be discussing the same team. I’m serious!

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Work until upu drop and then pick up first thing in gr morning repeat and sometimes weekends. It’s awful and I’m so looking forward to getting out of here. I have an interview ira next week I am praying literally I get the job. I need to start living like a human and not a robot.

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Sadly I know people so frighten of being laid off they have put their physical and mental health on the line.

They come to work physically ill sometimes with headaches and upset stomachs

I seen people I know in various departments sadly take their breaks and lunches at their desk. And they are working during their break and lunch trying anything to avoid being laid off.

Its pretty sad when people are so fearful to take their lunch and RELAX as any worker should.

And some people in mgmt have the attitude "Well I know we are understaff you just have to try harder and make due with what you have for resources.

Wow nice pep talk.

My personal favorite, " Be grateful you were not on the lay off list "

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My team went from 12 to 8 to 6 in the span of 3 years. We moved very little work to the LCLs that got the reqs for the bodies we lost.

After the 2nd year of nothing improving and constant fire drills to senior management, we all sort of just shifted to a best effort basis environment.

Our department heads know 3 Indians can’t do the work of the averages U.S. Employee, so as long as we put in an effort, they really do not have a leg to stand on to call any of us out.

Customer service really is not a priority at State Street. They value the bottom line more.

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