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At the end of the day it’s really not that funny is it?

My coworkers and I were laughing yesterday about how many of us were on anti-depressant and anxiety meds. What we realized is that we all started taking them after we started to work here. Where is the ownership on the company that created this environment? Where is the ownership in the company that has affected so many peoples mental health? We all have different reasons on why we have chosen to stick around but this just goes to show that the leaders that are in charge aren’t doing anything to rid the toxic environment that is here. I have personally chosen to stick around in hopes that it will change and it is obviously not going to happen. 2022 is the year we rid ourselves of that which causes us pain both physically and mentally!

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I am waiting in silence and patiently

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When you leave be prepared to cut all of the toxic people currently befriending you out of your life permanently. I have watched people leave every year and it’s almost hilarious at how quick they start talking trash about them. If you are in management be prepared to have things blamed on you by the next one that replaces you and how if they were in that role earlier things wouldn’t haven’t gotten to this point. Seriously when you leave what h your circle of friends shrink. Chesapeakes last several years of decline is what’s led to this toxic culture. People have went into survival mode and lost their moral compass. What you have left is a bunch of backstabbers and suck ups. There are some just like me that are just here for a paycheck. We come in, do our 9 hours and we go home. We DGAF because we can get a paycheck anywhere.

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