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๐Ÿ†˜! ZERO SUM! 100% Focus on being sold/ Inflating Value.

Avaya has/had an amazing legacy installed base. All revenue stems from reoccurring revenue of installed base and subscription transition of said base. Net-new customers are elusive, and consider all reports of net new customers with an asterisk. They habitually hire SVP's and EVP's and VP's as a means to redirect attention, yet never really move the needle. Yet when their erratic strategic decisions don't result in sales success, they continuously blame legacy employees who are delivering daily miracles just keeping the base customers from jumping ship. They don't change out the top, where all problems reside. Most recent RIF (3/1/22) was a result of Chief Revenue Officer identifying higher salaried sales leaders (still under 150k) of a "certain age" based on "zip code" of home location, despite all reps being "named account" managers who manage clients way beyond zip code radius. In fact, zip code radius has nothing to do with account assignments. It was a basic paper exercise that is likely a VIOLATION of the WARN Act if properly analyzed. The revenue challenges have nothing to do with Account Managers or seasoned Sales Engineers. It has to do with a VAPOR WARE Cloud portfolio and Senior Leadership who only care about a spreadsheet and don't understand the true value of Avaya. All Clients and Employees are managed by the ZERO SUM Philosophy. They give the minimum, and just wait to manage the fall out when necessary. There is significant greed by the board and C-Suite who have ignored the core business for too long. Investments are misdirected toward paying industry analysts high monthly retainers to "skew" market perception, but not toward product development or engineering support. They deployed an Age-related buyout for 62y/o + in October 2021, and are using RIF's to target those 52-60. The BOD needs to address the real problems at the top, and realize they have significant liability with not following through with client promises, potential risk of honoring business operation laws and practicing the published Code of Conduct Severe Antagonistic Culture infused at every level.

ZERO SUM GAME.One of the dysfunctional things that can happen to an organizational culture is for people to view individual success as a Zero-Sum game. The term โ€œZero-Sum gameโ€ refers to any situation in which one person wins another must, by definition, lose. A dysfunctional corporate culture where success is viewed as a โ€œZero-Sum gameโ€ can severely damage an otherwise successful enterprise and/or actually cause the business to fail.
general belief system about the antagonistic nature of social relations, shared by people in a society or culture and based on the implicit assumption that a finite amount of goods exists in the world, in which one person's winning makes others the losers, and vice versa ... a relatively permanent and general conviction that social relations are like a zero-sum game. People who share this conviction believe that success, especially economic success, is possible only at the expense of other people's failures.

The CEO has declared he will no longer pay out any "Golden Parachutes", so he has demoted any leaders who is not happy with, yet won't pay them out to leave. Thereby, further deteriorating the true "value" of the organization by having to use RIF's which target the 52-60 year old population. Management needs to do one of two things: Accept the true value of the organization and sell (as opposed to holding out for a higher bidder) OR invest in real product development and client co-developed solutions. They are simply eroding value faster than they can come up with cover stories.

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This is the MOST SPOT ON Summary of what is really going on at Avaya. Zero Sum. How true that "theory" is when applied to Avaya. There is ZERO culture. Just squeeze in as many sales as possible to make those are the top cash out and damn with the customers, the employees or anyone else that stands in their way.

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Post on Ethics?
There was a post regarding how they handled ethics and how it was a critical variable in appears Avaya found a way to delete it? Did anyone save a copy?

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