Thread regarding Emerson Electric Co. layoffs

Lebanon Missouri: Emerson Climate Technology

The Lebanon Missouri plant has become insanity at its best.

Hiring a temporary service because they can't find any one in the area to work for them due to Emersons reputation, No training, no respect, no life that sums up working for them...

I just quit a month ago because it just got to insane and everyone is hating it.. Working people like dogs to make goals they can't make and they know it...

Everyone has suggested bring back the weekend shift because no one wants to work night shift but no they just kept trying to man a shift that never has been able to be fully manned Lebanon is beyond repair, at this point there reputation is destroyed in that area. I look for it close all the lines and move them to Mexico a long with Line 4 they was sending out when I left.

I'm much happier now 'I'm working in Springfield now working the weekend shift. I got training, I get time off and I'm making $19.00 dollars an hour plus a huge sign on bonus that's a plus but the bigger plus is I have a life now. I've been telling all my old buds to quit them and from my understanding most plan on it...

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