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GA is in serious decline

Talent is leaving, they arent hiring qualified replacements, the most toxic people stay and get promoted. Now, they are losing money on contracts and not taking action to course correct, except more layoffs. There are a lot of cliche poor business practices I see here because the leadership is more concerned about appearing like they are in control than actually doing the hard work and leading the company. Its sad, there was so much potential when I started, but I'm seeing it fall apart.

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GA milked those Army contracts to death and now it appears that the "gravy train" is running dry.

Since I left (voluntarily) in 2020, my ole department has seen 60% turnover. My ole manager there was a total "foxtrot alpha" so this kind of turnover speaks volumes.

There is life after GA and that life is good.

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You hit the mail on the head: To the ‘leadership’, appearance is more important than performance.

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