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They try to convince us that we don't know how to do our jobs

What bothers me the most is the disgusting way they are trying to devalue us. They are trying to convince us that we don’t know how to do our jobs so that we would leave on our own and they can hire contractors to replace us. I am constantly exposed to criticism which I have never received before.
How is it that me and my colleagues have been good workers until now and all of a sudden we are not good anymore?

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That's actually a little misleading... 20% of contractors have been let go over the past 2 months. However we continue to employee over 400 Russian contractors, many of which work unchecked on software that is sold to the US government.

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the #1 consistent managment strategy is to tell anyone who is not from a nepotism hire that they are stupid dont know how to do anything remotely valuable for the company. to get anything accomplished requires working behind the scenes as the powers that be destroy any progress. they force themselves into any/all meetings and take credit for any success, yet blame everyone for the failures that are a direct result of them and their click of Verizon buddies/Verizon rejects

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SO True.... It is a constant mind-game where 1+1 does not equal two.
Zero accountability at the C Suite. They don't know what they are doing. They don't know the customers or the market climate. The operate as an operations department...who still don't know how to deliver professional services (you'd think the ops people would figure that out). It's a shell of a company
Just exists so the top leaders with large shares get a payout with an acquisition. Sadly...they have bumbled the value too much to get any logical offer.

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