Thread regarding Centene Corp. layoffs

They make Devs to SRE's Job so they don't have to pay them

Looks guys, that is me again.
Had to let this one out - mufakaz should be reading Google's book on SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) and realizing that there is a lot of work dev has to do and figure out. That is a waste of time and resources. Company I am with has a dedicated SRE team whose job is to make Devs jobs more efficient.
Centene does not give a cr-p though. They saving the money so they can bump their pays. CEO Mike cared about executives and investors. The rest of us aint sh-t. Fu-k the surveys - when we tell you right in the fucken face what needs to be improved.
Aint no love for people - fu-k their slogan.
That is their slogan
They don't give a sh-t about any of us one mufaka at a time.

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Centene paid Mike 25 million and has now sent him off somewhere to all corporations do with their oldies that won't leave gracefully.

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