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GA has greatly underestimated young people

Several years ago, GA needed to attract skilled talent so they paid people more money to come over. In fact, that is what enticed me to take a job there. Over the years, I noticed that they were hiring many young people and although that is a good thing, they were paying them next to nothing in comparison with other employers. During the time when other aerospace firms were cutting back, they were hiring. I noticed that around 2019, things changed quite a bit and the good feelings I had disappeared. During the Covid BS, the executives there used the pandemic as an excuse to lay people off who were on the higher pay scale. I could see the writing on the wall and got out of there right before the layoffs. I found out several months later that many of the longtime loyal employees were shown the door which were the ones that were making more money. GA thought these young people would just be glad they had a job and would stick around. However, many of them to their credit, left for better opportunities. These young people are a lot smarter than the leadership gave them credit for. Now most of those young people they thought would stay, left voluntarily. Don't accept the offer from them, there are much better opportunities available for less effort.

Great post, @1gqy+1g4lgb2x. I think that GA will have to start valuing a little more not only young new employees, but all those who want to stay here. Otherwise, leadership can only expect decline on all fronts. Did they really think they would be able to take advantage of newbies for so long?

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Younger or older, it didn't matter. Long time older employees with a good work ethic and a sense of performance minded professionalism, weren't appreciated as much as the lazy and immature individuals seemed to thrive, survive and continuously back-bite others. Yeah, the latter seemed to get what they wanted, which now is the deep end of the pool without any water. GA's mission statement regarding long time loyal employees changed to the "trained monkey" type instead. in all-hands meetings, arguements would immediately ensue regarding who was advanced to higher technician levels and they would offer their discontent and voice out strongly that they were more deserving. Ha! This was the type of toxic atmosphere encountered everyday at General Atomics. In other departments, it wasn't any different. Toxicity abound! Fond another company that values loyalty and hard work. They're out there. GA changed from their former attitude to join the ranks of the corporate world and devalue their employees. Pitty, word of this type of treament gets out, no one will apply for work at General Atomics. Smart thinking!

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GA doesn’t underestimate anyone… they know they are hiring lazy people with no ambition from day 1

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