Thread regarding CDK Global Inc. layoffs

Sale to Brookfield

Sales to private companies never benefit the employee. Kiss those bonuses goodbye.

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I love all the armchair experts here
As someone who has been through many of these they are not a bad thing assuming the investor does not under value the company.

This specific acquisition is looking for a 30% above MSRP that’s pretty encouraging and a huge deal.

That means they will
Be seeking a ROI that’s pretty aggressive.
They will Be pumping capital to achieve this and CDK gets their wishes as a private entity under a parent.

I highly doubt much will change as they clearly see what’s working is doing so.

I in-fact can only foresee leadership shake ups and even more capital for pay role (unless you are crazy over valued) as they seek growth.

If I bet against everyone heee I would be rich.

This site attracts the most toxic fools I have ever seen that assume the worse because they suck at there job.

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No layoffs, and bonuses are still fully on track.

Cope and seethe, because it only gets better from here.

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Layoffs will happen before and after the sale is finalized. Mark my words

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Did you even look up what this company does before you spew bull cr-p?

It acquainted busness looking to go private or seeking long term investments.

They only invest in what they belive will have a growth of 30%.

They also increase the majority of employee pay role to help this process and just with a quick Glassdoor search you can see it’s higher then CDK is now.

Go back to your therapist and just quit your not needed in the workforce.

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