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Ten year Senior Technician at GA. Choose another company!

If you're looking for a job as a radar technician, there are a lot more other companies that would peak your interest and pay you the respect as a qualified technician other than a position at GA would get you. let's just say that even after 10 years as a Field Service Technician, System Material Expert (SME), Technical trainer to Airforce personnel as well as the author of 99% of their Work Instruction Library, you'd think i've earned a bit of respect from my peers. "NO!" Quite the opposite. Supervisory staff had no knowledge and no foresight in the area I was employed. These Field Service Supervisors would send out FSR's that couldn't even maintain a degree of maturity in the field, let alone when they were back home in the Production Lab. The daily norm was instigated arguements regarding anothers skills or technical knowledge or even arguing over someone's advancement to the next technician level, in the lab, and at a lab meetings. You think I'm kidding?! There was so much back-biting throughout the Lab it was a daily toxic environment. But toxicity was throughout GA, in other departments as well. Toxic individuals being the ones that GA retained and the good ones bailing the sinking ship or being removed in other more devious fashions. And don't expect HR to have your back. Who signs their paycheck? Yes, that's right, don't expect any support from the HR department when you cannot even enlist the support of your direct supervisor, the Master Chief. Even to the point of being physically attacked by another employee, more junior. The toxic environment went on for years and remained within the "clicks" in the Production Lab and in other departments. No, GA is not the palce to work for a serious minded mature technician with a work hard work ethic. Feel the barbs!!!! Find another more worthy company. GA is on the way out, the golden carpet ride is over and the toxic environment, well, it's not worth it.

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