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Ageism is a major issue

If you're in your 30s, or nearing 40, watch out. By age 45, you could be out. Microsoft is known to sp-t out employees that are over 45. They practice a hire now with 40ish to fire within five years just so they can continue to have over 40 stats. They heavily discriminate despite stating they are a DEI company. Ageism is a major issue, and a very small percentage if any, are employees over 50. Microsoft is not into longevity with their employees, and show no loyalty. Knowing this going in, you can have realistic expectations as to what you will get out of your time there.

I copied this recent reply from an old thread for more visibility, since the OP is 100% on point. Credit goes to @Wnjo+1fcrX8RL.

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I disagree with the old thread re-posted. I am over 55, have been with MS for more than 25 years, and have not seen what you state. In fact, I know many that are over the 25-year mark, some at 30. As a hiring manager, age has not been a factor in the hiring process. As for the loyalty comment, I learned many years and jobs ago, that I am just a number, it's a business. No different than any other company. Do your work well, be impactful, and you can make a long career,

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Anyone who is laid off and where there is a definitive pattern of laying off based on age might want to chech into this link (below) and/or seek a free consultation with an attorney. At-will employment does not allow for age discrimination..

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